About Us

FAQs Overview

What is DoDPros.com?

We’re a small firm of Defense experts helping Defense businesses succeed. We focus on U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) related industry because it’s what we’re passionate about and it’s what we understand.

What is your background?

Members of our team spent their careers designing, building and sustaining America’s weapon systems. We’ve served in combat, the government, and industry. We understand the industry’s challenges and nuances, how the Federal Government operates, and the difficulties of succeeding in the tight fiscal environment.

What does DoDPros.com do?

Fundamentally, we’re finders and connectors. We search and find experts from all corners of the defense industry that are interested in consulting or short-term projects and connect them with businesses that require their particular expertise.

What is your goal?

To build the Defense Industry’s Cloud of Knowledge, providing small- to mid-sized businesses affordable access to the top talent in the industry.

What is the Defense Industry’s Cloud of Knowledge?

It’s the web-based platform of DoDPros.com that connects two interdependent groups—Defense Pros and Businesses.

Why are you focused on helping small- to mid-sized businesses?

We believe that although the large contractors are the most widely known, the reality is that much of the innovation and breakthroughs in the Defense Industry come from small- to mid-sized businesses. If we wish to provide future generations of American warfighters with the effective weapon systems they deserve we need, small- to mid-sized businesses must succeed.

Are the Pros available?

Yes. The tightening of the budgets, reduction of troops in Afghanistan, and en masse retirement of the baby boomers is providing a pool of available talent that we have not seen in decades.

Is it affordable to consult with a Pro?

Yes. It’s affordable because this talent generally does not want or desire a full-time job. Hiring a Pro as a consultant on a short-term project eliminates the overhead costs and inherent expense of hiring a Pro full time.

Does DoDPros.com maintain the Pros and Businesses’ privacy?

Absolutely. We do not share information about a Pro or any of our Businesses with any other Pros or with any other Businesses without the express consent of the Pro each and every time.

How do you handle conflict of interest issues?

Prior to consulting for the first time the Pro will be required to understand the rules of engagement regarding conflicts of interest and will be re-trained each year.

Businesses are also required to understand conflict of interest rules of engagement and are not authorized to solicit confidential information from the Pros.

We take this extremely serious and have several checks and balances in place to ensure we’re not putting our Pros or our Businesses in a compromising situation.