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FAQs for Pros

What is a Defense Pro?

Someone who spent a career designing, building and/or sustaining weapon systems.  A Pro has served in combat, government, or industry and understands the challenges and nuances of the Defense environment.

Do the Pros work for DoDPros.com?

No, they are independent consultants or businesses with particular specialized knowledge and expertise in the industry.

What happens after a Pro registers?

One of our specialists from DoD Pros contacts the Pro via e-mail and/or telephone to discuss their particular expertise, availability and desires.  This personal approach allows us fully understand the Pros abilities and expertise and better match them to particular businesses.

Why do these experts consult through DoDPros.com?

We provide our Pros with a venue to act as independent consultants without the drudgery of starting their own consulting business, the restrictions of exclusivity required by many firms, and the hassle of figuring out the legal, tax, bookkeeping, HR, security, and IT aspects of the business.

How much do your Pros consult?

Our Pros have the freedom to decide if and how much they consult.

Are your Pros available full time?

We focus on expert consulting and short-term projects.  Occasionally one of our pros takes a full-time position, but finding full time positions for our Pros is not our focus. There are many placement companies out there filling that particular need.

Do your Pros pay a membership fee?


How much do your Pros make?

Our Pros set their own hourly, daily and/or project rate.  The amount a Pro can make depends on the particular set of expertise of that Pro and the demand of the market for that expertise.  A DoDPros.com specialist can help the Pro with setting their rates if they desire.

Can Businesses register as a Pro?

Yes.  We have many firms that use DoDPros.com as a way to supplement their business development activities.