About Us

FAQs for Businesses

What size businesses use DoD Pros?

We find that small- to mid-sized companies gain the most from DoD Pros.  Often, the workload and budgets of these businesses cannot support the overhead and inherent costs of sustaining a particular specialty.  Yet, access to this talent is desperately needed.

What happens after a Business registers?

One of our specialists will contact the Business to discuss the nuances of the expertise required, the timing and other particular details.  We’ve found that this personal approach provides the very best service to our businesses and best opportunity for matching.

Does DoDPros.com schedule the consultations?

No, generally this is between the Pro and the business, but we’re available to help if required.

What types of consultations are available?

Telephone or Internet teleconferences are the most popular, but written products, in-person meetings, conference attendance and training sessions are also available.