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DoD Pros provides YOU access to the most experienced and trusted network of leading Defense experts without the overhead associated with direct employment.

Access to the Most Talented Workforce

Our Pros generally have 20+ years of industry experience with some exceeding 30 and even 40 years.  Many are retired from very senior government, military, and/or industry positions; with the majority of their careers in Defense.

Reductions in federal spending and a baby-boomer generation retiring en masse means some of the most prized talent in the industry is now available.  Never before has there been such an effective means of finding the specific expertise needed at such value.

Defense Expertise – A La Carte Style

Many businesses gain the insight they need with a one-hour telephone or internet teleconference, while others require a more extensive interaction that may include the Pro traveling.

The Insight You Need, When You Need It

Once connected, the Business and Pro have flexibility to determine their working arrangement, based on the businesses’ needs and the Pro’s availability