About Us


Hi, I’m Sean Frisbee, President and Founder of DoD Pros.

DoD Pros is a small firm with an audacious goal: build the Defense Industry’s Cloud of Knowledge, providing small- to mid-sized businesses affordable access to the top talent in the industry. This goal has four important elements.

First, we focus on the Defense industry—National Security is what we’re passionate about and it’s what we understand.  We’ve spent our careers designing, building and sustaining America’s weapon systems.  We’ve served in combat, the government, and industry.  We understand the industry’s challenges and nuances, how the Federal Government operates, and the difficulties of succeeding in the tight fiscal environment.

Second, we’re building a platform to bring together two interdependent groups—Defense Pros and Businesses.  Knowledgeable specialists drive the speed and quality of critical business decisions and often determine success or failure.  By harnessing the power of the Internet, we believe we can build a platform that connects Defense experts with businesses to help them make the best business decisions. We call our platform the Defense Industry’s Cloud of Knowledge.

Third, we’re focused on small- to mid-sized businesses.   America needs these businesses to survive and thrive in-spite of the downsizing and reductions in federal spending.  The big primes get much of the press, but reality is the largest portion of innovation and breakthroughs come from small- to mid-sized companies.  If we wish to provide future generations of American warfighters with the effective weapon systems they deserve, we need small- to mid-sized businesses to succeed.

Fourth: we believe that affordable access to top talent is achievable and increasingly available.  The tightening of the budgets, reduction of troops in Afghanistan, and en masse retirement of the baby boomers is providing a pool of available talent that we have not seen in decades.   It’s affordable because this talent generally does not want or desire a full-time job, but wishes to continue serving and contributing to Defense. Thus, businesses can access this talent without the overhead costs and inherent expense of hiring a Pro full time.

Whether you’re a Pro looking to consult or a business looking for an expert, I hope you’ll consider joining DoD Pros as we do our part in serving and contributing to our National Security!

Best wishes,

Sean Frisbee
President and Founder
DoD Pros