DoD Pros

A La Carte Expertise!

DoD Pros finds short-term consulting projects for Defense experts who have recently retired or are in-between jobs.

Technical Specialists

  • Unmanned aircraft systems
  • Anti-access/aerial denial
  • Logistics & Sustainment
  • Operational analysis
  • ...and More!

Procurement Specialists

  • Capture strategy
  • Gov't organizational insight
  • Congressional know-how
  • Contracting experts
  • ...and More!

We Get You Projects!

We source companies which need advice on Defense matters, create consulting opportunities, and then provide these projects to experts who want to stay engaged.


Defense Pros

Defense industry professionals with specialized knowledge and deep domain expertise.

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Will you succeed?

A one-hour phone call or short-term project with one of our Pros can make the difference!



Companies, non-profits, consultancies, investors looking for a Defense professional.

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